COMFEST This Year:  June 28, 29, 30  2024

We have developed several COSTUMED CHARACTERS - George Washington (played by Bill Fullarton), Ben Franklin (played by David Krohn) and Alexander Hamilton (played by Glenn Waring). These three are all officers of our group and will walk, in character, throughout the festival dressed as these FOUNDING FATHERS.  As we encounter festival goers, we will talk to them about each founders’ philosophy, personal history and effect on the founding of our country. We wii be handing out literature about COFFRF and how to join, and literature encouraging everyone to vote.

The costumes are complete with wigs, coats, buckle shoes, etc. and are quite striking.  Each of us has done research on our individual founders and will encourage dialogue - they are pioneers in military leadership, inventions of all kinds, and banking.  

If you attend this year’s Community Festival (COMFEST will run from June 28 to June 30 ) please engage us and take any materials you would like for your friends. 

David Jon Krohn Chair, COFFRF